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Clinic Chic

By Jason Santerre




To survive and thrive within a certain domain for 30 years is admirable. Double that admiration when it comes to the main of interior design. But with a keen eye and an open ear to clients’ needs, Patricia McClintock and Associés inc. has seen design trends come and go over the last three decades « We love the challenge and that’s what keeps us going, » says Patricia McClintock today. « The main focus for each project is marrying form and function. Design just for design sake is useless. That’s why we like to sit down with the client and get as much information about the work they do and how they do it. It’s an ongoing analysis, » says Ms. McClintock. « I strive to improve a client’s environment and the quality of their everyday life. »

Rockland MD - DowntownMs. McClintock says most clients aren’t even aware of how much an effect their working environment has on their lives. « So many studies have shown that if our environment is harmonious and pleasing we perform better and, as a result, we’re less stressed and experience better health. » Speaking of health, Ms. McClintock has branched out into the domain of healthcare. Not only does she design interiors for hoteliers, spas and corporate offices, she also concentrates on medical clinics.

Clients include Rockland MD, Metro Medic, VM Medical and Le Sanctuaire in Outremont. « Every project is different with new challenges, but designing medical clinics presents unique obstacles, and we like that. »


First there’s the client’s vision. Then there are the special modifications, equipment and materials that have to meet not only architectural standards but meet medical codes as well. « We also want to think long term and plan for available modifications down the road since equipment and techniques are always changing in the medical field, » she says.

Change is good, especially in the world of interior design. Not only do trends change, so do the materials available. « We always have to work within the structure of the building we’re given, » she says, « but to make a clinic functional, welcoming and pleasing to the eye, well then everyone wins. »

Rockland MD - Downtown - OfficesMs. McClintock says despite her hectic schedule and multiple demands, she remains inspired. « Nature above all is an inspiration to me. You just have to stay open and be aware to everything you see and hear. » Thankfully, her travels provide plenty of fodder- from Asia, Mexico and Europe to Washington and New York. But it was in 1980 that Ms. McClintock found a home in Montreal, where she began teaching interior design at the University of Montreal and in 1984 decided to open her own design firm. After 30 years, the love of a challenge is still strong. Every project presents that challenge to meet her client’s expectations through harmony, beauty and innovation while respecting a budget. It’s what drives both her designer’s eye and mind.

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