Project: Hi-Connect Design 2012 – Hotel Upscale Bathroom

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Patricia McClintock, founder and principal of Patricia McClintock & Associés Inc. in Montreal, Canada, was born and raised in the Far East, schooled in various European countries and interned with an architectural firm in Mexico. It’s no wonder, then, that with her well-traveled background, she turned to geography to inspire her vignette design.

The inspiration for this upscale bathroom came from Canada’s landscape in winter: its Northern Artic landscape of ice and snow and its famous icebergs “that appear like beautiful sculptures”, said McClintock. The style developed for this vignette is modern, and the space is streamlined and clean.

“The design intent was to create an environment that re-energizes the soul and provides all its different categories of users a space that is aesthetic yet functional-and mostly, one that offers an experience reminiscent of an enchanting home spa”, she said.

The finishes implemented and the materials used are all natural, such as marble, mosaic, tiles, glass, porcelain and wood. The fixtures specified are elegant with sober lines, yet are “extremely high quality”, according to McClintock. The forms are organic and the feeling is inviting. The mood created pulls guests into a relaxing environment that refreshes, re-energizes, soothes and embraces the moment of a Zen experience, “similar to the experience the polar bear has in its natural habitat”, said the designer.

The simple and minimalist atmosphere prepares one to face the complexity, the uncertainty and the fast pace of our working world.

For the future, she sees design trends based in green, LEED, energy-oriented and eco-logical decisions.

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